Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Measurement Conversion Chart

I received a handy little "measure magnet' in the mail recently. The company I got it from is a scam and I will not sign up for their cooking club but I immediately saw that this little chart could come in handy.

And it has. It is so helpful to have these measurement conversions right at my fingertips.

The list may be very helpful to you too, so I'm sharing it here.

Cup         Fluid Oz.         TBSP          TSP       Milliliter
1 c.          8 oz.                 16 Tbsp       48 tsp     237 ml
3/4 c.       6 oz.                 12 Tbsp       36 tsp     177 ml
2/3 c.       5 oz.                 11 Tbsp       32 tsp     158 ml    
1/2 c.       4 oz.                   8 Tbsp       24 tsp     118 ml   
1/3 c.       3 oz.                   5 Tbsp       16 tsp       79 ml
1/4 c.       2 oz.                   4 Tbsp       12 tsp       59 ml
1/8 c.       1 oz.                   2  Tbsp        6 tsp       30 ml
1/16 c.    .5 oz.                   1 Tbsp         3 tsp       15 ml

Not having to do so much brain work when converting measurements is a kitchen tip that works for me!

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Lost in Translation said...

Thanks Mary Ann,

I am going to copy that and make a little card and laminate it.

I moved overseas and conversions are always a killer. One mistake and your whole recipe is thrown off.

Kathryn said...

I got that magnet too. I love it.