Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Oh wait. It is sliced bread!

I like to slice my fresh loaves of bread before freezing. Having the loaves ready sliced is as convenient as a store-bought loaf. In case I forget to thaw bread in advance, I can usually pry a couple of slices off in an emergency vs. trying to thaw the whole loaf in a hurry.

Slicing bread before freezing works really well for me!

**This post is part of Works For Me Wednesday.

P.S.- An electric knife is a great tool for slicing homemade bread. Love it!


thehomespunheart said...

Great tip on the electric knife! I have a loaf cooling on the top of my stove right now - will have to try that!

Mary Ann said...

I love using the electric knife for slicing bread because it's a sharp and quick cut that doesn't crumble or squish the bread. Hope it works well for you!

Anonymous said...

I second the electric knife. It works wonderfully. I wonder if your bread is 100% whole wheat. Its beautiful. I've just got a grain mill recently and have been making 100% whole wheat bread. I think hubby likes a little white in it but he doesn't complain about all wheat either.
Cheryl Weaver

Anonymous said...

I second the electric knife. It works wonderfully. Your bread is beautiful, Mary Ann. I just recently got a grain mill and started making 100% whole wheat bread. I find it fun.
Cheryl Weaver

Mary Ann said...


Thanks for commenting!

Yes, it's 100% wheat. Sometimes I will add 1 cup of unbleached white flour at the end of mixing for a little lighter end result; can't remember if I added that to this batch. :-)I like Prairie Gold hard white wheat the best for bread so far. It has a little lighter color and I don't think it's quite as heavy. I also add gluten.

What kind of grain mill did you get? I got a Nutrimill a little over a year ago and love it. There's just no comparison between fresh ground flour and the stuff from the store.

I love making bread, too. So rewarding! And the fresh wheat makes for such wonderful baked goods!

Kathryn said...

I love the electric knife as well. Your bread looks yummy and beautiful!

Mary Ann said...

Thanks Kathryn!

Anonymous said...

I have Nutrimill too and got it in October of last year. Dans mom is a dealer and he got it to surprise me. I was tickled cause I had wanted one for awhile. I also use the same wheat you do. I get a 50# bag at Ketchams. All I've used it for is bread and grape nuts but would like to try things like pizza dough too. I'm still debating on cinnamon rolls and donuts. I mean if your gonna cheat and eat that sort of thing why bother trying to make it healthy.
You should come see me sometime when you are in Oregon. I could have Janette and Patti over too. I live in the house where the Zeigers lived when we came here. So now you know where I live. Just come on over.