Monday, August 04, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I'm in the mood to try a couple of new recipes this week. Otherwise, the menu is pretty simple. I love keeping it that way!

I'm also hoping to get some baking done this week. It will be great to have more homemade bread, muffins and cookies in the freezer!

Sunday-tuna melts,pepper slices, orange slices

Monday-Baked Potato Salad, cheese slices, fresh veggies(cherry tomatoes, cucumber and carrot slices), blueberry muffins

I'm using leftover baked potatoes from Sunday's lunch for the potato salad. Cherry tomatoes are from our little garden!

Tuesday-Sausage-tomato risotto, green salad

The risotto recipe is a new one from Taste of Home's latest magazine. I'm substituting sausage for the chicken that it originally called for since that's what I have on hand. I was given a couple of boxes of arborio rice so this should be a good way to use some of it.

Wednesday-Creamed eggs over toast, green salad

Thursday- Black-eyed pea burritos on homemade tortillas with cheese, salsa and sour cream, green salad

I've trying my hand at cooking black-eyed peas. I've never been fond of them, especially plain, but Andy likes them. This burrito recipe looked interesting; I hope we like it!

Friday- broiled salmon,mashed potatoes with fresh chives, steamed broccoli-cauliflower mix

Saturday- leftovers

cream of wheat, fresh berries
fruit smoothies, blueberry muffins
banana-oat pancakes
cottage cheese, toast, fruit
eggs. toast, fruit
fruit smoothies, toast

cottage cheese
peanut butter and honey sandwiches
cheese quesdaillas

For more menu-planning inspiration, please visit Menu Plan Mondays!

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