Monday, August 25, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Happy Monday! What's on the menu for the week?

We had lots of leftovers in the fridge last week. So many that I heated up leftovers for Wednesday night's dinner instead of making the stir fry that was on the menu. The stir fry is reappearing this week!

The meat pie/pot pie that I made with leftovers was a hit! I chopped the leftover corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots and added some frozen peas and chopped onions. I made a gravy using the meat juices and mixed that in. All of this was poured into a pie shell and topped with more pie crust. Yummy. Carby. But yummy!

My basil plants have been producing wildly. I need to make a bunch of pesto to freeze. Until then, I've been sneaking it into a lot of our foods. It is so fragrant! There is nothing quite like having fresh herbs to use as you wish.

Onto this week:
You will notice that my waffle obsession is back. There are still several boxes in the freezer! I know frozen waffles aren't as healthy but they were free!

To do: thaw ground beef
B-cold cereal, milk
L-Potluck with our house church. I made pinto beans and rice with salsa, sour cream and cheese, Andy's birthday cake.
D-popcorn, leftover birthday cake

To do: prepare meatloaf, slice carrots
D-meatloaf, rice, ginger carrots

To do: prepare quiche
B-cheese toast,fruit
D-crustless quiche, salad, banana-carrot muffins

To do: chop veggies, defrost chicken pot pie
D-chicken & veggie stir fry with rice

To do: write shopping list and next week's menu
B-eggs, toast
D-chicken pot pie(freezer meal), steamed broccoli

To do: prepare salmon patties, do grocery shopping
B- waffles,fruit
D-salmon patties, homemade bread, green beans

To do: plan and prepare food for Sunday, get milk and eggs from dairy
L- leftovers
D- wraps with cream cheese and olive spread, a variety of chopped and shredded veggies

For more menu planning fun, please visit Organizing Junkie!

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