Monday, October 03, 2016

Wash On Monday

In the past few months, I've been making a conscious effort to streamline some of my household tasks. I had gotten off track so it was time to get things done again!

One area I revamped was laundry. Over the years, I've tried different laundry schedules and all have worked for those seasons.

Previously, I was doing a load of laundry pretty much each day. Which worked well and I really like doing laundry. But I did feel that we wore the same clothes all the time because they were clean. That isn't a problem but I think they do wear out faster that way! Also, it just seemed to make better sense to do laundry a little less often during this season.

I decided to go back to the old-fashioned way of doing things and have a Laundry Day. Now I do laundry on Monday morning. Because I really like doing laundry, I look forward to this day. Really. I do.

I sort the clothes Sunday night when we get home from our church leadership meeting if I'm organized. If not, I sort in the morning. But it really does help speed things along if I can get everything sorted the night before and a load of towels/kitchen linens soaking in the wash machine.

I know some folks don't sort laundry. I am not particular about it and I do mix up colors from time to time. But I still like to sort.  However, this step takes very little time and I find it easier to wash certain things together.

I don't usually hand wash but I have some maxi skirts and camis that I always put in a mesh bag to wash. I have one bag so I empty it after washing and refill with the delicates from the next load. I set these items to the side of the pile when sorting so I can wash them in the bag. Things in the mesh bag also don't go into the dryer so that is a good way to not accidentally dry something I shouldn't.

On Wash Day, I start the first load as soon as I get up then just keep it moving throughout the morning. I'm usually done with laundry by around 10 am. 

Anything that doesn't go in the dryer gets hung on the shower rod and drying rack in our 2nd bathroom. It's out of the way and then I just fold and put away those items either that evening or the next morning. 

I usually do a load or two of laundry on Thursdays if we need anything and also to keep towels/kitchen cloths from setting too long and getting stinky. Sheets and dog bedding are usually washed later in the week too. 

Overall, having a designated Laundry Day has been a positive change to my homemaking schedule! 

What is your laundry style? 


thehomespunheart said...

Great minds think alike - I have been thinking about home rhythms quite a bit lately too. And I like doing laundry too! Especially seeing it all folded and ready to put away - yay.

I've adopted my Mom's method of laundry from when we were growing up: parents laundry Monday and Thursday. Kids laundry Tues and Friday. Sheets on Wednesday. We do towels on our respective laundry days as well. My kids are in charge of their own, so I only do two days of laundry a week, they wash and replace their own sheets and of course I do mine.

Regardless of the system - I think having a system that works for our home is so helpful and freeing!! Enjoy your laundry day today!

Wendi said...

I enjoy routine and having a laundry system brings me pleasure! I also do the bulk of my laundry on Monday. Here is my schedule:
*Monday: Clothing
*Wednesday: Sheets & Towels
*Thursday: Clothing (This day is flexible. If I have many things on my schedule I will skip this and have a bigger laundry day on Monday.)

I have been tweeking my homekeeping schedule. A few things have been brushed under the rug so to speak and I am working on getting all areas running smoothly.