Friday, October 07, 2016

Frugal Five

Some frugal stuff happening around here lately....

1. I saw a bunch of Mason jars in the glass receptacle where we take our trash. I asked the attendants if I could take some. He said, "Yes!" So I took what fit in my bag--14 jars in all. Perfectly good condition and will be used here! I didn't think we were typically allowed to take out of the containers but it doesn't hurt to ask!

2. Mended some clothing and home items.

3. Accepted some wonderful home items from family members who are down-sizing. Items included a beautiful Oriental-style rug and an old dresser.
Rock approves of the new rug!

4. Used the library inter-loan system to request and borrow books I wanted to read. Also, I'm re-reading some books already on my bookshelf.

5. We've been eating at home a lot which is nothing new but continues to be a HUGE money-saver. We utilize leftovers for lunches so very little is wasted.


Wendi said...

Yay! for free stuff!! I have no doubt you will put the jars to good use. :)

Rhonda said...

I'm glad you did Frugal Five again. Life seems to get more expensive every day

Jagoda Smith said...

Mhm, I need to find my library card. I spend too much money on books but it is so easy to do that when you have a Kindle.