Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"Use What You Have" Spring Wreath

I've been wanting to make a wreath for our kitchen door. Something springy!

We had a yard sale last weekend and a couple straw wreaths were left. (They were donated by a friend.) So instead of donating them at the end of the sale, I decided to make some simple wreaths for our home. 

This one is my first attempt and I like it. It's different and used up some fabric from my scrap basket. 

My plan was to make a wreath with strips of fabric like this one. Then I saw these leftover yellow ruffles. They used to be on some giant square pillow shams that I thrifted and cut up for another project. I saved the ruffles because I love the color and print and well, I can't bear to throw something away that could be used for something else! 

That something else turned out to be this wreath. 

I gathered my supplies-- straw wreath, pile of ruffle pieces and a short piece of white ruffle left from a vintage pillowcase. I used some small pins and also some thumbtacks for securing everything. 

1. Iron all fabric pieces. 
2. Start wrapping the ruffle pieces on the wreath, using pin or tack to secure ends. 
3. Continue wrapping, taking care to overlap pieces slightly to cover raw edges of ruffle.
4. Wrap until wreath is covered. You can see I ran out of ruffles and there is a bare spot. No worries-- I have a plan for that!
5. That little extra piece of ruffle comes in handy here. I scrunched it up to look like a flower then pinned it to the wreath.
6. Next, I glued a few buttons on
to finish off the center of the flower. 
7. Last I added an aqua ribbon hanger. The ribbon coordinates with a light blue/aqua in the center of the flowers.
8. Done!

This was super easy-- took longer to post about the wreath than to actually make it. ;-)

I have this hanging in a sunny location outside so, yes, it will fade with time. The great thing is that by removing the pins, it'll be super simple to update with something else. 

Happy Spring! 


thehomespunheart said...

That is so cute! And, great job on using what you have :) I've been in that mood this entire year so far!

Jill said...

Beautiful! I love how this turned out, thank you for sharing... a great idea!

New to your blog and I'm now following you :-)

Have a great week!


Linda said...

Beautiful and creative! :)