Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Frugal Five And An Expensive Repair!

It was a pretty frugal week, quiet and uneventful, until Saturday. We lost water and come to find out, the connector on our pump (well) had broken. No water in house + water bubbling in the front yard = a problem. We were planning to wait for a repair until Monday as weekend plumbing jobs are usually twice the price! We were fortunate to find a company who doesn't charge more for weekends so they sent a technician out and the repair was complete within a few hours. Not cheap by any stretch but certainly money well spent--we have water again! While this was major, it could've been a whole lot worse and even more expensive.

As far as frugal things go:
  1. Stayed home most of the week--no go, no spend!
  2. We didn't eat out this week; we have a separate cash envelope for eating out and we've used most of it already this month, so we ate at home!
  3. Harvested more lettuce from the garden; planted some onions. I'm so slow in gardening this year; hope to get it in soon!
  4. Used this frugal cardboard method for my rose bed; we'll see how it does. It was a quick and easy project-- Toddler Girl said it looked nice once I finished!:-)  Hoping to use cardboard as a weed barrier in between the rows in the garden too.
  5. Made homemade laundry soap!
And a bonus: Discovered that the freezer door hadn't been closed properly (my fault) before anything had a chance to thaw much. Thanking God for that!

What frugal things have you been up to?


Rhonda said...

Always like your frugal 5. I am sure toddler girl is right that the beds look nice :)

when we lived in the country and were dirt-poor, lightening struck our well pump early one Sunday morning. I checked the paperwork and we had 1 month left on the 5 year warranty. The original installer came out and replaced it, no charge at all, and we even made it to church on time.

Theresa said...

Just wanted you to know that I really enjoy reading your blog.

Debbie J said...

I've been doing the "no go, no spend" thing here too!

Other frugal things: Growing veggies from prior years' seeds that have been stored in the fridge and freezer. Next week I plan a pantry week, and hoping not to go grocery shopping.