Monday, April 01, 2013

April: The Month To Clean

There's just something about spring that makes me want to fling open the windows and get things cleaned. This is a big deal for someone like me who really doesn't care for cleaning all that much!

I'd rather declutter!

This month, I'm joining in with Crystal's 30 Day House Cleaning Challenge. Her challenges are always so much fun and easy to follow, perhaps because every assignment is a bite-sized piece. I don't know about you--but I simply cannot spend hours spring cleaning each day during this season of my life. Minutes, however, are doable if I plan for them!

I'll be sharing several times weekly how I'm doing with the cleaning challenge. Maybe you could consider joining in too and we can all clean together!

I'm looking forward to getting my house cleaned, organized and freshened  this month!

Can I stick it out for 30 days? We'll see!

1 comment:

Wendi said...

I need to join this! To bad we don't live closer... I would rather clean then declutter. We could motivate each other!