Tuesday, April 02, 2013

30 Day House Cleaning Challenge: Day 1

Today's project was:
  • Set the timer for 15 minutes and pick up and put away everything that’s out of place. Bonus project: Find 7 things to get rid of.
  • Next, wash the dishes in the kitchen (if there are any), wipe down the countertops and surfaces in the kitchen.
  • Finally, vacuum the living room.
Due to spring break this week, my work schedule is a bit lighter so I'm taking advantage of the longer nap times to get as much cleaning done as I can!

**I neglected to take any before pictures today! Just afters.*

What I accomplished:

Living room: I had just cleaned in here late last week so not a lot needed to be done. I went ahead and dusted everything well and vacuumed.

Kitchen: This room needs to be cleaned every few days because it sees so much use! I had just cleared the counters so not much to do there today. Thankfully, because I tend to be a piler! Empty counter space? Let me put a pile of papers or something there! I cleaned the countertops with homemade granite cleaner, wiped off the stovetop, and cleaned the sink. Then I swept the floor. I wouldn't have done it today had it not been for the challenge but it seems to always need to be swept! Once Baby Boy is mobile, I'll need to get back to sweeping the floors every day again! It looks so nice all swept and clean on a Monday night.:-)

Extra: We had the windows open today--a lovely day here in South Carolina!  I wiped up the space between the window and the screen--it was nasty! Since I was cleaning anyways, it was easy to just get that done too!

Decluttering: I found 7 items to part with plus a few recyclables.

I'm happy with what was accomplished today and look forward to tomorrow's project!

To join in, visit Money Saving Mom!

1 comment:

Katie said...

What a fun challenge! Great job ~ your home is lovely!

I'd love to join in but don't think I'd have the time at the moment.

Y'all are inspiring me though!!!