Thursday, September 15, 2011

Toddler Activity: Coloring On The Floor

That sounds fun, doesn't it?

Wanting to provide a creative outlet for Toddler Girl (17 months) at the same time as providing entertainment for and keeping an eye on Baby Boy, I remembered how we used to tape big pieces of paper on the floor for the toddlers to draw on back when I worked in childcare.

I briefly entertained the thought of taping  paper on the wall to draw on, but thought better of it. Toddler Girl really doesn't need any encouragement in the way of wall decoration. But somehow, a few crayon marks on the floor doesn't bother me as much!

Butcher paper works splendidly for this as do large pieces of recycled cardboard. I don't have any butcher paper at the time but do have a large pad of newsprint. I like to use larger sheets of paper for little ones to freely express themselves rather than little sheets!

T.G. was very excited to get to work drawing and playing with the crayons, dumping them out and putting them back into the container.  Note: A recycled frosting container is the perfect size for jumbo crayons and the lid fits on for storage!

T.G. enjoyed the experience-- playing with the crayons, being traced as she sat on the paper and a little coloring! Baby Boy looked on longingly, eagerly looking forward to the day he has free reign of fun stuff like crayons!


Wendi said...

Taping the paper down is brilliant! Keeping the paper still is a huge frustation for my toddler.

tea said...

That's fun! :)

Judy said...

Love it!

Even I get frustrated when the paper wiggles.