Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In Good Company

I loved reading the comments on my Keeping It Real post.

A few that made me smile:

From Mary Bailey-
"Our first home was a rental and I remember when I went to buy shelf paper for the cabinets I told my husband, "Look they have contact paper that matches the wallpaper in the kitchen!" That's when he pointed out to me that the kitchen wallpaper *was* contact paper!"

I must admit that this closely rivals my floor-tiled cabinet tops!

From Katie-
"We are content to rent and anything else the Lord has in mind for us. =) And we purposely purchase furniture with nicks and wear (the old fashioned look, you know?) because we know that undoubtedly, more nicks are wear are in order!"

The 'old-fashioned look'. I love it!!!  Between many littles in and out on a daily basis, a black-haired dog and well, us, our furniture and furnishings get a lot of use. So buying used  for most items is definitely the way to go for the time being.

That being said, I do want to make it a point to mention that I do not in any way, think that it is wrong to  purchase new furniture or have lamps that actually stand straight. It is simply up to each individual as to what they spend their money on and has nothing to do with being better than or worse than anyone else.

And besides, if no one bought new, there wouldn't be much need for thrift stores now, would there? :-)

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Katie said...

Hey Mary Ann ~ glad I gave you a chuckle! =) I also agree that there's nothing wrong with buying new...we have purchased some new things, but we're always looking for a bargain if that's the case. In this season of life, we just tend to buy used. The next new item we are saving for is a new bed.