Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yard Sale Saturday--FREE Clothes!

We went out yard saling again this past Saturday morning.

Due to the past few weeks being  a bit crazy schedule-wise, I've ended up leaving most errands and housework until Saturday when I'm not working.  This doesn't leave much time for fun!

Andy suggested  that we do the laundry and most of the cleaning Friday night so we could get some of that stuff out of the way and still get to some yard sales Saturday morning. I was very grateful for his help since I really wanted to go!

It was a fun morning! And we found some nice things that we'd been looking for.

For the kids:

**Fisher Price Little People barn and animals: $2
**2-construction vehicles: $1.50 for both.
**2-plastic storage buckets: 50 cents for both. 
**Huge box of craft sticks: 25 cents. Fortunately for me, Crafty Crow posted a round-up of great projects using these!
**Package of curlers: 25 cents. Brand new--I would not buy these used! My intent was to use them for a toddler activity but they don't stick together well enough for what I had in mind so maybe I'll actually use something for it's intended use for once and curl my hair. :-)

For us and other people:

**2-jar candles: 75 cents for both. One was brand new and the other hardly used. 
**Rubbermaid storage tote: $1. Was planning to purchase one of these anyways for filing my coupon inserts. 
**Autographed Charlotte Bobcats basketball: 25 cents. Plan to list on Ebay.
**Approximately 11 yards blue floral fabric: 50 cents. Planning to make bedroom curtains from this. This was not exactly what I had in mind but it is pretty and will look very nice. The price helped my decision-making!
**Pile of kid's clothes and a pair of shoes for my niece and Toddler Girl: 50 cents each. One lady threw an extra pair of pants in for free. I really enjoy getting things for other people--you may have noticed this! Yard sales is one way I can afford to give generously to others. And both of these families do not mind gently-used articles of clothing. 
** T-shirt for me: 50 cents.
** Jacket, sweater, shirt and a pair of shoes: FREE! We stopped at a church clothing sale that had a FREE sign. If I wasn't looking for clothing for us right now, I would not have stopped; I greatly dislike rummaging through piles of clothing! But with losing weight and our clothes wearing out from hard use, we are in need of a few things. So we stopped. And found a couple of things in the right sizes. WooHoo!

Cherished Dog loves his new bed!

For the dog: 

** Large dog bed: $2.  Bass Pro brand. It has been well-washed, in case you are wondering!

He really likes his new bed!

What kinds of fun yard sale treasures have you scored recently?

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Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Awww your puppy really likes his new bed - he's so cute! You found some wonderful stuff!