Friday, July 01, 2011

Friday Funnies: Kidlet Quotes

Today, I share a collection of kid quotes. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

This falls into the "Well, you asked!" category:

Big Brother sitting on the floor among the toys with a very concerned and concentrated expression on his face. Me: "Sweetie, what are you doing?" Him(without hesitation): "Thinking about Ghost busters!"

"Dude, What's That Smell?"
While preparing to do the Salt-Absorbing Fireworks project this week, I discovered that the only dropper I had was on a bottle of eucalyptus essential oil. Although I tried to clean it well, eucalyptus oil is still very strong  so we could still smell it.
Big Brother: "That smells ."
Me: "That's eucalyptus."
Big Brother: " Oh like, you-can-lift-this and it will smell bad! "

Other notable Big Brother Quotes:
"Can you see the taste bugs on my tongue?"
"Me and my dad are getting a fishing pool."
"Rock, stop bagging for food!"

My nephew, who is also five years old, attended Vacation Bible School last week. Reflecting on his VBS snack, he said, "It was a jello and ham sandwich. The jello was white and tasted  like mayonnaise!"


Melanie said...

Oh, those were so cute! I especially like the eucalyptus one. Kids can be so funny. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Jello and ham! Those are all cute.

tea said...

Those are all funny! That last one really had me laughing!! Hahaha!! :)