Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Easy Meals- Part 2

This list of meals is in response to a friend who sent me an email asking for some quick meal ideas. Be sure and see Part 1 for easy crockpot meals.

In a pinch or on really busy days, these are some of my go-to meals! They aren't exotic or fancy but yummy, filling and quick! Most are pretty frugal and nutritious, too. 

**Note: You will notice that many of these ideas don't fit into our current low-carb eating plan. I'll need to come up with a few more low-carb quick meals!

From the email:

Here's some of our favorite quick and easy dinners. Some require more planning and more preparation than others.

I like to cook some things ahead to freeze to make meals much easier on hectic days. A few of these items are ground beef, chopped or shredded chicken, rice, beans (or keep a few cans in your pantry). All of these items can be frozen in 1 or 2 cup portions in Ziploc bags.

Breakfast for dinner-- Not everyone may like this but we do! Breakfast meats and fruit smoothies are nice additions to most of these ideas.

**scrambled eggs

**pancakes or waffles—Make a big batch and freeze the extras for a quick breakfast or dinner another day. Reheat in toaster.

**Banana oat pancakes-- Our favorite!

**Breakfast in a Hurry—can be made with or without meat.

Baked potatoes (crockpot, oven or microwave)--Top with cheese, sour cream, bacon or any leftover meat. We like browned ground beef. Serve with salad or veggie on the side.

Hamburger patties-- These are handy to pull out and cook really quick. Serve with salad and/or vegetable or on buns as hamburgers. :-)

Tuna or Salmon Melts-- Mix tuna or salmon with mayo and some spices like making tuna salad. Add chopped celery or onion if desired. Spread mixture on slices of bread or hamburger bun halves. Top with cheese and broil for a few minutes until heated through and light brown and bubbly. I have a tendency to burn what I'm broiling so watch it carefully!:-)

French bread pizzas- Slice a loaf of French bread or cut in larger hunks. Spread each piece with pizza or spaghetti sauce and top as you would a pizza. Broil and serve with a salad and/or fruit.

Sausage and pepper stir fry- Slice sausages and dice some sweet peppers(red, yellow or green) and onions. Cook together in skillet. Serve with rice.

Egg Drop Soup-- Easy and nutritious! Serve with a sandwich. I usually halve this recipe for the two of us.

Cheese melts or grilled cheese- I think we can all figure out the grilled cheese part! Make cheese melts like tuna melts. Place slices of cheese on slices of bread and broil. This is super simple and easy in a pinch. Serve with a bowl of soup or some fresh veggies. My mom used to make these for Sunday night supper a lot when we were growing up!

Since we can all benefit from easy meal ideas, please share your favorites in the comments! What do you make or keep on hand for meals when life gets really hectic and busy? 


Debbie J said...

These are all good ideas! I need to focus more on having some freezer helpers on hand. One thing I have been doing lately is chicken, shrimp or smoked sausage fried rice. Just use frozen precooked shrimp or leftovers of another meat and add to left over rice. The recipes say it is preferable to used leftover cold rice. A little chopped onion, bell pepper or what ever you have and a little soy sauce, and you've got a meal.

tea said...

Mmmm! This post makes me hungry!

I love tuna melts and recently used chicken instead of tuna (cooked chicken in a skillet for a few minutes with onion and garlic) and it was sooooooooo good. Love it!