Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Works For Me Wednesday: Packing and Moving Tips?

Today is the backwards edition of Works For Me Wednesday, where I ask the question and you give me the tips! Fun!

Today's question: What kind of tips do you have for moving and packing?

We are going to be moving soon. When exactly, or where, I do not know. But moving is inevitable, whether in a month or two or later this year. As far as we know we will be staying in this general area, so the move will most likely be across town and not across the country.

I haven't moved that much in my lifetime and this is the first time I'll be packing up a whole household and moving it from point A to point B. Naturally, I won't be doing all the work myself.  I have a capable husband and friends who are sure to help out, but I will be the one organizing and overseeing the move.

I know how to pack boxes and label them specifically instead of having all marked 'Misc.' (That's what my husband's former roommate would do when he moved. ) And I've been decluttering and am having a yard sale this weekend.

Do you seasoned movers have specific systems that you follow when packing? Color-coded stickers... numbered boxes with coordinating lists...throw everything out that you can't fit in the Neon? :-)

Please share! What works for you for packing and moving?

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Katie said...

I'm definitely not a seasoned mover, but all I know is clear plastic bins were very helpful during our last move because we could see the contents easily and know what rooms to place them in at our new place. Labels are good too, but we really liked being able to easily spot things. I hope your move is smooth and nonstressful!

Nikki said...

In one week we are moving. I have found a lot of helpful advice at Good luck!

Kim said...

Start now - pack any non essentials that you can live without (christmas decorations, china and dishes that you only use occasionally). Will lessen the load later on.

Each box should only contain items for one place - that is don't pack books for the livingroom with bathroom items. This way the box can be marked with the room name and simply put into that room in the new place to be unpacked.

Pack books and heavy items in small boxes, pillows and lighter items in large boxes many ppl do not do this.

Declutter while you pack - if you haven't seen it in some time, you can probably get rid of it - hold a yard sale.

Finally pack a OPEN 1ST box - it should contain all meds, bedding, paper towels & toilet paper, coffee supplies, paper plates and plastic utensils, a phone. This way even if you are tried onc eth emoving is done, you have the important stuff available before you start unpacking.

Best of luck

gail said...

i concur with what kim said about having an open first box. and keep it in the car with you so it doesn't get lost when the movers bring everything into the house. i've also found that with volunteer help they will put stuff anywhere in the new space. you need to be on hand to direct them to the right room. many guys won't take the time to look at what you've labeled which room the box is for. same with furniture.

have as many volunteers as possible on moving day and feed them! keep drinks filled.

we just bought 20 med size boxes for our move. that really brings home that its happening for us.

Lyn said...

I would set a consistent goal of 2-5 boxes per day, thus making the task less difficult later on when crunch time comes.

There's a lot we can do without before moving, and as long as the boxes are labeled well, you'll be able to find something if needed.

Also, put all the boxes in one room or one area of the house, it will be cluttered, but it will be easier than boxes all over the house.

From an experienced lifetime mover....Lyn :)

Lyn said...

I meant to add 2-5 boxes packed per day. Whatever is not too taxing on you to achieve!

If you have less time to move, you may have to step this number up a bit.

Abbie Byers said...

We moved 4 times our first 4 years of marriage and I have found that having a special box for things you will need on moving day and night helps a lot. For example you will need toilet paper, cups, a change of clothes ect. and if all these things are in different boxes it will make things crazy! Also I left our clothes on hangers and just folded them over in boxes that way you can pull them out and hand them up fast. Hope this helps. Let me know if you need help when the time comes.

Mary Ann said...

Thanks everyone for your tips! I had already thought of some of them but all are helpful.

I'm having a yard sale this weekend and plan to start packing non-essentials next week.

Now to find a house!:-)

Anonymous said...

If at all possible I like to move my kitchen the day before the rest of the furniture and "stuff" It just goes better for me if my kitchen is in place "before" I move. You know it IS the heart of the home. Also as soon as the beds are set up have someone make them. It is comforting to have that done before its time to crawl in. I should be a pro because we are married almost 14 years and I have lived in 5 houses but I don't feel like a pro. You cant change the fact that moving just plain upsets the appple cart.
Best Wishes.
Cheryl Weaver