Thursday, May 06, 2010

Roasted Chicken & Veggies

For last night's dinner, I had planned to bake some chicken leg quarters and then steam a bunch of veggies. Instead, I decided to maximize the use of the oven by  roasting the veggies alongside the chicken.

While everything was roasting, I was able to bring the rest of my yard sale stuff inside to sort for my sale this weekend.

I followed these vegetable roasting instructions. Mmmm...everything was so good!

You can roast almost any kind of veggie. I did a head of cauliflower, some green beans, an onion, a zucchini and 5 carrots. I roasted the carrots on a separate baking sheet than the rest because of needing a longer roasting time. 

We have enough leftovers for lunch today!

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Wendi said...

Looks great! I think I will pull some chicken out the freezer for this weekend.