Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This past weekend we attended a FREE Sale that was advertised on Craig's List.

A yard sale where everything is FREE?

Oh yeah!

A family was moving and decided to get rid of a room full of stuff by offering it for free. They did ask that no one be greedy but only take what you could really use because there were a number of folks attending. I thought this was completely fair!

Most was kid's stuff: toys, clothes and some baby supplies, so not too much that we needed. But I did find two pairs of pants for my nephew and two cute frames I know I'll be able to use.

Several years ago, a church in our neighborhood did a back to school event where they had a "yard sale" but at no charge. They had the goods divided up into several sections of clothing, housewares, school supplies, toys, etc. and gave each person a pre-specified amount of  tickets that could be used to "purchase" items from that area.

I think having a FREE Sale is such a  neat idea and would be a great way to get rid of stuff in a short amount of time as well as blessing others with your generosity.


Bevy said...

We talked of doing that as an outreach to our community... a FREE yard sale. Using to invite folks out to VBS or something else special going on at our church.

This also reminds me of our neighbor guy who recently moved out and honestly gave everything away. Amazing!!!

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

We did this a few years ago. We were pretty bummed that only a few people came. We ended up having to take a lot of things to Goodwill anyway. Oh well -- what can you do, right?

Anonymous said...

How fabulous that you went to a free sale. Thise frames look really good

Kathryn said...

We just got rid of our couch this way. We tried to call the thrift store that makes pickups, but they have too much inventory. So we placed the couch beside the road with a big FREE COUCH sign. The next morning, we heard a truck in the driveway and then they left the sign on the porch with a note saying thank you and they signed their name and left their phone number. We did this before with a loveseat, and some odds and ends of stuff that we didn't want to have a yard sale for.

Mary Ann said...

That would be really cool if your church did something like this. I remember reading about some of the stuff you got from your neighbor. So fun!

Mary Ann said...

At least you tried, right? Sometimes it works and other times, not so much. :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

Mary Ann said...

Making the most,

Yeah, I loved those frames! I know I'll be able to do something with them!

Thanks so much for visiting here.

Mary Ann said...


We've done that too when we've had something to get rid of and didn't want to deal with selling it or taking it somewhere. Most items are taken within an hour of being set out by the curb.

We're on Freecycle now so next time we have something to get rid of we'll probably post it there and see how it goes.

I love picking up things for free so I try to return the favor occasionally.