Monday, November 16, 2009

Update: My Grandma

Thanks to everyone who prayed for my Grandma. Her blood pressure finally came down last night and she was able to come home from the hospital today!

Now you can pray for Andy's foot. He tripped over his foot this evening and in doing so, bent his foot up all weird and heard  loud "popping" sounds. Almost immediately a goose egg appeared on the top/side of his foot. X-rays  show no broken bones, thankfully, at least not yet. He does need to keep it iced and stay off of it for a bit to allow it to heal.

I'm so thankful for our friends who are chiropractors and were able to do x-rays in exchange for some coupon lessons!


Bevy said...

OUCH!!! I have to say my first thought was "Did you have a nice trip this fall?" - okay, silly (bad?) joke that my dad always made whenever we would trip or fall over something - particularly great especially because of the fall season we are in.

Wow! Sounds like he popped a few tendons or something. Yeah, keep it elevated and iced up. Hey, Mary Ann, here's your chance to go through more of your clothes drawers- Didn't you say one time it's easiest to do that when he has the remote in his hand, and a game is on. Now, he has to sit there and "help" choice.

Okay, I am bad and you'll probably never want to "talk" to me again. Pickin' on someone I don't even know (very well). Glad to hear that things are better for your Grandma.... we'll keep Andy in our thoughts and prayers, as well.

Mary Ann said...


LOL!!! You're so funny!!! I've been trying to think of things that he can do for me while he's laid up. Thanks for the help. :-)

Thanks for the prayers. The whole foot is very very swollen today, so he's keeping it up and iced. We're praying for a quick healing!