Monday, November 16, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I survived my big cooking day last week! Having so many yummy meals in the freezer should make meal planning a snap!
A freezer full of food is like having money in the bank. But just like our savings account, I don't want to use all the food right away if we can help it!

I'm spreading it out and planning to use frozen meals about 3-4 times a week. Some weeks, I may use more or less depending on our schedule. This is a rather hectic time for us(as for many folks) which is why I chose to do the big freezer day and the meals are really going to help me out!

I'm planning to do a baking day tomorrow which will stock our freezer with bread, pizza crusts and a few other baked goods. I hadn't done much bread baking in the past few months because I was waiting for my grain order to arrive, but now that I have plenty of grain on hand, I'm ready to do some baking again! This won't be a huge baking production; just some baked goods to keep us going for a few weeks.

Here's what we're eating for supper this week. All frozen meals are marked with **.

Monday- Cheesy Beef and Rice Casserole**, green beans

Tuesday- Pinto Beans**, cornbread

Wednesday-Fish and Veggie Packets**, homemade bread

Thursday- Baked Potatoes (with cooked ground beef, cheese, sour cream), steamed carrots

Friday- Chicken Fajitas**, Spanish Rice

Do you have trouble coming up with menus each week?  Would you like to start  with meal planning? Head on over to Menu Plan Monday to read menus from hundreds of kitchens and get inspired!

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