Monday, October 05, 2009

A Couple Great Deals At Food Lion

I'm slow in the blogging department today after a busy weekend of our anniversary, a yard sale and being gone most of the day yesterday.

To add to my slowness, I fell while running yesterday morning. Thankfully, I'm fine- just a little sore and scratched up!

Anyways, I did want to let my readers know about a couple of good deals at Food Lion right now.  These deals are only good through tomorrow(Tuesday, the 6th).

--Boneless, skinless chicken breasts: $1.79 pound.

--10 pound bag Russet potatoes: $1.99 each.

$2 or under for chicken breast is always a good deal and I think that the price on potatoes could very possibly be the lowest of the season(barring Thanksgiving, maybe.)

I bought 4 bags of potatoes today. Why, you ask? Well, it's a really low price ( regular price is $6.99  a bag!) and potatoes will last a while if stored properly.

One 10 pound bag will make enough mashed potatoes to fill my crockpot. $1.99 (plus milk, butter and salt) is a great price for a side dish that will feed a crowd for our Sunday potlucks!


Debbie J said...

I went to FL at lunch and bought those two things! I was afraid the sign was wrong on the potatoes, since that is as cheap as I ever seen. I should go back and get more tomorrow before the sale ends.

Debbie J said...

I went back this morning and stocked up, posted about it and linked to your post. Thanks Mary Ann.