Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Gratituesday: God Is Good To Us!

Today I'm thankful for God's goodness .

Our yard sale went very well on Saturday. We had lots of stuff to sell. We ended up with only 8 boxes of goods leftover plus the double stroller and a couple of chairs which we donated to a local thrift store that helps to fund a women's shelter. We also had a computer desk left but we set that out by the road in hopes that someone would pick it up. It was too big to fit in the car and we were too lazy to take it apart!

We had agreed ahead of time that we would price things low and then take any reasonable offers. Yes, we wanted to make money. But we really wanted to get rid of things. I look at it this way:  If I lower the price and somebody buys the item, I make more money than if I had remained firm on the price and they leave without making a purchase.

This method worked well for us. We sold a good 75% of our stuff and made more than we had ever made before at a yard sale. Most items were in the $.25 to $1 range. Maybe ten items were sold that were $5 or over. The rest were small items. Those little things add up, too!

One advantage I had at this sale was the amount of children's items I was getting rid of. Typically, kid's stuff sells well and our sale was no exception.

One of my first sales of the day was a young mom with her 3 children. They all picked out something to buy. She really wanted a chalkboard easel that I had for sale but wasn't able to purchase it. An older lady at the sale called out to her as she was leaving and said she would like to buy the easel for the mom and her children. It was so sweet! As the older lady paid, I remarked on her kindness. Her response, " I just finished putting together two shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. I love to help other children around the world. But if I can help children here at home, I want to do that too. " It was such a simple gesture but God's love clearly shown through her.

Another God-thing was when I went back to pick up all the signs after the sale ended and four of the signs had fallen down and blown away. We had not advertised in the paper. The signs that were gone were the key ones that would bring the most traffic. Clearly, God had orchestrated this to show His power. He brought the people to our sale!

Andy had some items up for sale on ebay last week, too. The auctions ended Saturday night. I had prayed earlier in the week about the items selling and asked God that the items would sell at specific amounts. Of course, I prayed that it would happen according to God's will. How exciting it was to me when the morning after I had prayed that prayer, 3 of the items had more bids, thus bringing the prices higher! By Saturday evening, the item that was worth the most and was the most popular, sold for just over the amount I had prayed for.

It's exciting to see how God provides for His children. He is so good to us!

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gail said...

isn't it wonderful to see God work? that is so neat what God did at your yard sale and the ebay sale. and i love how the older woman wanted to bless that woman and her kiddos.