Monday, September 08, 2008

Menu Plan Mondays

Another week, another week of menus!

Last week was busy, but fairly uneventful so my menu plan sailed right along as it was supposed to. The only change was swapping Saturday's hot dogs to Sunday(yesterday). We worked with another church this past weekend by helping with music. They graciously provided pizza for all of us after set-up on Saturday evening.

I make a menu to have a plan for the week. The plan isn't set in stone but rather acts as a guide so we know what we're eating each day. Often, I will swap meals out onto different days depending on schedules.Occasionally, I'll fix something totally different or try a new recipe if I'm in the mood. I still keep to my menu pretty much and it's much better than not having a plan at all!

Another advantage to having a plan is being able to look forward to certain meals. We love to eat so being able to look ahead to what we're having for the next meal is a highlight!:-)

After a busy weekend, I just scribbled out a quick menu this morning! I'm still in a menu plan writers block of sorts, so I just wrote down the first things that came to my mind based on what I've got in the pantry and freezer. It's simple and it works!

B-waffles, cottage cheese
L-eat out at our favorite Chinese restaurant with friends
D-hot dogs, buns, pretzels and dip, chocolate cookies

To do: thaw chicken for tomorrow, make large batch of pancake batter
B-toast, yogurt,apple slices
L-leftover hot dogs
D-church leadership meeting

L-not sure yet!
D-chicken and tomato risotto, salad

To do: thaw chicken and Spanish rice for tomorrow
B-grits, cheese, apple slices
D-split pea soup, homemade bread

To do: menu plan for next week, make grocery list
B-eggs, toast
D-chicken fajitas, Spanish rice(frozen)

D-salmon patties, homemade bread, steamed veggies

To do: grocery shop, fix food for tomorrow
B-toast, fruit
D-birthday party

For more menu plan fun, please visit Organizing Junkie!

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gail said...

that's how i plan too. i swap different meals too if need be. i like how you added what you needed to do for the next day.

God bless!