Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall Cleaning

With the cooler weather came a small burst of energy and a desire to spruce things up around the house!

I didn't get much spring cleaning done this year so the house has been in dire need of a little deeper cleaning. I don't know if I'll get a whole "fall cleaning " done or not. Regardless of that, I've been pulling furniture and appliances out and cleaning behind them. A little extra scrubbing, dusting and decluttering goes a long way!

My childcare kids have changed to part-time in the last couple of months so I now have an extra day free each week. I sometimes need to run errands on that day but I'm trying to simplify errand running so I can stay home most weeks and work on projects here.

I was feeling quite energetic this weekend so I was able to get a number of things accomplished:

-cleaned out the trashcans(long overdue!)

-dusted the ceiling fans

-deep-cleaned the bathroom

-rearranged the living room and dusted and cleaned behind furniture

-straightened bookshelves

-swapped some pieces of furniture between several rooms for a new look and hopefully better use

-sorted toys and packed up the ones that aren't being played with- I try to keep the toys to a minimum; I've found they only play with certain favorites. Between outside play and planned activities, they are never bored!

-rearranged part of the bedroom-dusted, scrubbed and washed linens

-pulled tomato plants out of the garden; hope to plant some fall seeds today!

-organized kid's art supplies in plastic totes; I finally found a place in the dining room to store them. It will be so nice to have everything close by when we want to use them!

-washed down all chairs including the booster seats(gross!)

Am I the only one who itches to get everything cleaned and ready for cooler weather as soon as fall hits?


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary Ann,
Hope you are well! I am actually on a decluttering binge these days. I'm sure when it comes to spring I'll want to clean and spruce things up more.

There's something about the changing of seasons that seems to motivate us.

letters to elijah said...

Wow.. that is a lot of cleaning! I find I have lots of energy in the morning - but by the afternoon I'm pooped.

DarcyLee said...

I did a spring cleaning like that this year. I don't think I'm going to get around to it this fall but I try to just stay on top of things and chip away at it a little bit at a time. I do need to
pull out the refrigerator and stove and clean behind them. Yuck! On a completely different topic: I wanted to let you know I made my first sale on half.com today. I'm very excited about that. I wanted to thank you for the post you wrote about how you make money doing it and responding to my comment so quickly.