Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wild Roses

The wild rose bush outside my front door provides natural spring decor to replace the pots of grass that we've enjoyed for over a month now.

I just love the simple beauty of these roses! It brings me joy to place them all over the house.

I really enjoy using pretty vases.

The smaller blue vase in the front is one we purchased on our honeymoon to Williamsburg, VA. It was handblown at the glassworks in Jamestown. Several people suggested that we purchase something on our honeymoon for our home so we decided on this vase; small but easy to pack and move through the years plus it's something that can be used. I love using it and like that it's not just a souvenir from China.

The tall green bud vase belonged to my great-aunt.

The clear bud vase on the far left was a gift about 10 years ago.

The large blue vase was a church yard sale find. Maybe 10 cents? It wasn't much. One reason I liked this vase, other than the fact that it's blue and would look great holding simple garden bouquets was that it was slightly imperfect in design. You can't see it in the picture but the sides are not completely even. For some reason, I really liked that!

And the small squatty vase is a tiny baby food jar! It looks almost elegant holding a single flower, doesn't it?

Hope you're taking time to appreciate the small beautiful things in life today!


Wendi said...

Your wild roses are beautiful. Enjoy!

Abbie Byers said...


tea said...

Each of those vases are so pretty, and look beautiful with those vivid roses in them!