Monday, April 18, 2011

What's Cooking In My Kitchen?

What's cooking this week:

scrambled eggs, plain (2x)
scrambled eggs, sauteed peppers and onions (2x)
scrambled eggs, sauteed mushrooms (2x)

1) egg salad lettuce wraps, fresh veggies
2) green salad with lots of veggies, hard-boiled egg
3) leftover stir fry, rice
4) beef pilaf salad, fresh veggies
5) leftover spaghetti squash dinner
6) leftover turkey dinner

1) Cod, steamed carrots, brown rice, collard greens for me, broccoli for him
2) Broccoli stir fry with beef, brown rice
3) Eat Away From Home: TBD
4) Crockpot experiment: spaghetti squash with spaghetti sauce and meatballs; salad
5) Roast turkey, gravy, brown rice, green beans, cranberry something or other!
6) Turkey salad with apples and pecans on lettuce leaves, deviled eggs, pickles

1) leftover apple pecan celery salad
2) banana 'ice cream"
3) plain yogurt, frozen fruit
4) celery and peanut butter
5) cottage cheese and pineapple
6) apple and peanut butter

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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