Monday, April 11, 2011

Feathering My Nest: Pillow Shams

I'm not much of a decorator but even I get to the point sometime where I just need to do a little sprucing up around the place. A little feathering of my nest, so to speak.

We've had extra pillows on our bed for a while now, but no shams. Our bedspread is white chenille so it could use some color!

Instead of continuing to wait until I found the perfect fabric, I went through my stash and picked out a blue rose print that would look good with both the white chenille and the pale blue walls.

One evening last week, I sat down and sewed the fabric into shams. Even though these aren't perfect, I really like the pop of color and the cottage-feel they bring to the room.

What kinds of small improvements have you made on the appearance of your home lately? 


Abbie Byers said...

Those are beautiful!

Melanie said...

Hi, Mary Ann,
You did a beautiful job on your pillow shams! :)

Melissa said...

The shams look great. Great job!