Friday, March 09, 2018

Goals For March (And Recap Of Yearly Goals)

Happy March! We are now in the third month of the year--January and February, where did you go?!?

 Daffodils blooming by the river by my parents' home.

Truly, the first two months of the year flew by. A case of head lice (my first, ewww!) and a nearly 2-week long trip to the West Coast to visit my parents helped time move quickly. Now that my hair is clear (Thank you, Jesus!) and I'm back from my trip, it's time to get back to working on our goals for the year.
Tea party with lifelong friends while visiting my parents.

My goal for 2018 is to be intentional. Below, I've copied my goals for 2018 from this post. My updates on each item are in italics.

Being intentional this year means:

  • Not overloading my schedule. Doing pretty well with this. Some days are more overscheduled than others but I believe that's just how life is sometimes.
  • Allowing time for rest and downtime. I don't want to be "busy" all the time. I've been able to sit down for a little while almost every evening after dinner so that's an improvement. I'm not a good sitter. (haha) I also tend to fall asleep if I sit too long.
  • Being creative, just because. I like to make things and that is the first to go with a busy schedule. Still need to allow time for this. I try a lot of new recipes just for fun though. So that should count for something! 
  • Continue decluttering the house. I'm using this chart to motivate me! And planning an early spring yard sale as a goal for getting the stuff out of the house and helping with my next point here. ;-) Yard sale is scheduled for March 17, weather permitting!
  • Practicing frugality and carefulness in our finances in order to rebuild our savings and pay off some home debt we incurred in 2017. Due to several situations, a 2 week break from work for me over the holidays being one of them, the first couple of months of each year are tighter financially for us. By March and April, things seem to loosen up a bit and flow a lot better. We have been careful and hope to see more in the way of savings and debt pay-off soon.
  • Creating simple home routines that I can be consistent with long-term and actually see results! This is going pretty well. I have been keeping up with my goal of cleaning up the kitchen each evening. It's not perfect but so much better!
  • Continue reading God's Word with purpose and be part of a group that meets weekly to disciple others. In progress!
  • Being careful to not let other's ideas and expectations of me dictate my daily life and decisions. This is an ongoing daily decision. I feel like I'm doing well with it though.
  • Living mindfully. Making careful, deliberate and thoughtful choices. Slowing down and getting back to basics really helps with this!

My goals for March:

  • Make tax appointment and get taxes done. 
  • Schedule vet appointment for Willie. 
  • Schedule physical for Andy.
  • Finish packet of updated adoption paperwork--includes 2017 tax forms, updated vet records and a physical for Andy (already did mine) so this goal is contingent on getting those things done. :-)
  • Continue with homekeeping routines. 
  • Quick clean of bathroom each day. 
  • Have a yard sale. 
  • Start working in garden. 
  • Drink tea often--a simple thing I enjoy!  
  • Blog each week--I've missed it. 
 What are your goals for March?

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Rhonda said...

Oh, I drink lots of hot tea.
I want to seriously de clutter my kitchen and the craft room. I am blessed with too much stuff!
Hope you accomplish all you plan.
And I hope you do find some evening quiet time.