Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Organizing Containers

 We've been working to make my sewing/ guest room organized and functional. So when my husband saw a Freecycle offer for organizing containers, he responded saying that we would like them.

It turned out that these were being offered by our neighbor so he zipped down to pick them up and was back in just a few minutes.

And did I mention that there were 2 bags of containers? Two huge black garbage bags full!

Um, yeah.

I know I won't use all of these so if you are local to me and need storage containers, I am your girl! You are free to help yourself!

There are all kinds of organizing tools here from magazine holders to desk organizers to cleaning caddies. There was also a pile of Rubbermaid lids that had no boxes with them which went right to the recycling bin!

I did already pick out a few that will be very useful so in spite of the sheer amount, it was a good Freecycle haul!
All the hard plastic containers took a run through the dishwasher. I ended up running 3 loads which included some of my own containers that could also use a cleaning.

Oh and those big black bags all this came in? They were nice heavy duty bags so I saved them to use again. :-)

Now I'm off to organize!

**I find it funny that right about this time last year, I also posted about Freecycle!


Tracy said...

That is an AWESOME freecycle haul!!! Congratulations!!!

Katie said...

Oh, how neat and fun! I love to organize when I have the chance. You scored an awesome deal ~ I'm sure your creativity and ingenuity will put them to great use!!

I've been busy organizing our small pantry. Fun!

Hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods today!