Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More Pillowcase Bags

I finally got around to making up some of these easy tote bags made from pillowcases!

I'm a sucker for vintage linens or any linens I think are pretty so I had accumulated a small stack from yard sales and thrift stores. What I love most about these bags is that there is no waste or scraps leftover. The whole pillowcase is used and there's very minimal cutting! A good project for beginners or for trimming down your stash.

I had some spare time one night while waiting for dinner to finish cooking so I sat down and whipped up a pillowcase bag.

It turned out so cute and was so easy--much cuter than this one--so the next day I sewed up three more during nap time.

One was a king-sized pillowcase--it made a more squarish bag. The regular pillowcases make a more rectangle-shaped bag. 

I plan to keep two of these for myself and put the other two aside in my gift stash!

I've already used mine for groceries, library books and the pool and they worked great!


Bevy said...

Very cute!!

Rhonda Sue said...

I agree with Bevy, very cute!

Wendi said...

Cute! How adorable those would be to stash a gift or two in for a birthday or Christmas!

I had been thinking about you the past day or so. Glad to "hear" from you!

Katie said...

Lovely, Mary Ann! Great job! :-)

Like Wendi mentioned, you popped into mind the past couple of days ~ hope you are having a wonderful summer!


Kathryn D. Duke said...

just love these pillowcase totes...I , too, often find nice cases and hesitate to get just one, so this is a wonderful idea!!

thanks for sharing