Friday, March 15, 2013

A Few Kitchen Tips

Today, a small collection of kitchen tips:

We enjoy eating leftovers but I like having them organized instead of hanging out all over the fridge. A while ago, I began using a plastic shoebox to hold small leftover containers. This works really well; we can see at a glance what we have to use up. Any larger containers of leftovers are stored right beside this box.

I discovered by accident one day that the lids from the 5 pound sour cream  and cottage cheese containers from Sam's Club fit perfectly on my soup/cereal bowls. They seal pretty good, making it possible to fill these bowls, cover them with lids and stack them in the refrigerator. Who knew?

We inherited almost brand-new granite countertops when we purchased our home. My first thought upon moving in was, "How in the world do I clean these?" I was used to using simple homemade cleaning products (like straight vinegar!) and couldn't find anything at first that was completely safe for granite. I used some purchased granite cleaner for the first little bit then was happy to find this homemade recipe. It works really well and is cheap! I like to add a little peppermint essential oil for a pleasant scent.

Do you have any kitchen tips to share?


Debbie J said...

Great tips Mary Ann! I like the one about grouping the leftovers in the boxes.

My tip is to save the sour cream and cottage cheese containers to send home food with kiddos or whoever you might want to give food to. They can just throw them away or use them, but don't have to worry about returning them. We don't have to lose our best plastic containers that way.

Wendi said...

I like the idea of grouping the leftovers together. It never fails for me that one container makes its way to the back and gets forgotten.

Have a great weekend!

Georgene G. said...

I used to use a plastic shoe box for leftovers and then started using it for snacks so hubby could find something to eat in a hurry. I need to go back to that idea since leftovers are getting lost again. :-) Thanks for the reminder.