Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Dinner

We're hosting Thanksgiving dinner for twelve at our house this year!

Preparations are well underway.

Several side dishes are in the freezer, the turkey has been roasted and sliced and pie crusts have been made.

Mom shared with me how a turkey can be baked ahead of time and reheated on Thanksgiving Day. Wrap the sliced meat in foil. Freeze or refrigerate. Place foil packs in crockpot and heat before serving. I've tried this before and the meat was very tender and fresh!

Doing the turkey in advance is nice because then you don't have the big turkey to take care of at the same time as everything else!

Pie crusts have been made. I planned to buy pie crusts this year but at the last minute decided to just make my own since I had all the ingredients. I'm no expert when it comes to pie crusts( lots of patches to cover tears!) and while my homemade ones won't win any beauty contests, they taste ok!

Thanksgiving Menu

My sister and family are coming for Thanksgiving plus some local friends. My sister and I are doing the bulk of the cooking but the other guests are bringing some things too. I've marked my contributions with an *. I think we'll have plenty of food!

Mashed Potatoes*
Green Bean Casserole*
Butternut Squash Casserole*--changed this recipe a bit and used squash instead of pumpkin.
Brown Rice Stuffing*
Stuffing*--we love Stovetop!
Artichoke Casserole
Cranberry Sauce
Deviled Eggs
Another side dish or two from guests

Pumpkin Pie*
Caramel Chocolate Pecan Pie*
Another dessert or two from guests

Cranberry Juice mixed with Ginger Ale*
Sweet Tea

What's on your Thanksgiving menu?


Anne said...

Oh, wow, Mary Ann, your planned feast sounds absolutely fabulous! I live in Ireland so we don't have Thanksgiving here - but we do eat turkey at Christmas and I am planning to follow your advice and cook it in advance this year. I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with your family and friends and I am thankful for you and how you inspire so many through your wonderful blog.
Best wishes,

Wendi said...

Yum... so what time is dinner!? Seriously, we are off to my mother-in-law's tomorrow. I am bringing green beans & potatoes, deviled eggs, cheesecake, chocolate pie & spice cake. All that is left to do is make some whipped cream for the chocolate pie.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!