Friday, November 02, 2012

Snippets Of Life

  • Toddler Girl saw me getting Baby Boy's pacifier (which attaches to him with a clip). She said, " Oh, _______(Baby Boy's) leash!"  LOL!!!
  • We have a little weather station in the house which tells the temperature and shows a little man dressed in weather appropriate attire. On this morning, Andy announced that we should be wearing wet suits, trench coats and hats. Hahaha 

  • In the "things you never thought you would say" file-- Me: "Let's not wipe our noses with the lion's tail!" 
  • A black sock accidentally got in with the load of whites to which I added bleach. It's kind of a blackish brown now...
  • A wooden skewer works to unlock inside doors....
  • Toddler Girl has been talking about "horsey-ducks".  
  • Toddler Girl said she wanted Andy the other day.  He picked her up and she wiggled out of his arms and pointed to me saying, "No, that one!" She can say my name but prefers instead to refer to me as "Mommy" or her latest, "You!"
  • I asked Andy the other day if the pants I was wearing made me look "extra plump". He assured me that no, they didn't. What was he supposed to say!?! We've been laughing about it ever since. Extra Plump. It could be a new size--XP. LOL!!!
  • Baby Boy is usually circling as I get Toddler Girl settled in for her nap. She sprawls out on her mat and says, "Kiss!". He comes over and kisses her. She did this yesterday then called to him again- "Hug!" He came and kissed her again. She has it made, doesn't she? 
  • This post is brought to you by Prednisone, which I've been on for a week now, due to an allergic reaction. It's amazing how energetic I feel when taking this stuff! I also eat a lot...


Wendi said...

*Maybe I should try Prednisone! Then again maybe not, as I don't think I need an extra pound or two... energy yes!
*I think Andy passed a very BIG test. If he had answered yes, well... maybe there wouldn't be a Mr. C! :)
*Preschool boy has started to call me off the wall names. Now that I ignore him when he uses them he say "Oh yes, I can call you Mama or Wendi!" Kids!
*I hope you have a great weekend!

Serenity Now said...

Ohhh prednisone is scary stuff! I had to take it once myself because of an allergic reaction...hope you are okay!

Those kiddos sound adorable :) Glad you have such fun with them!

Rhonda said...

Our dog has to take prednisone and he it makes him crazy hungry, crazy thirsty and sometimes just crazy-unsettled. I don't ever want to take it and hope you don't have to take it for much longer.
The extra energy might be nice but not all the eating that goes with it.

hope you have a nice weekend

Melanie said...

I loved the 'let's not wipe our noses with the lion's tail'! Too funny.
Your husband is a very smart man. :)
Hope you're having a great weekend!