Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Window Art With Foam and Water

Recently, I picked up a package of foam craft sheets for 50 cents thinking that surely we could use them for some summer crafting fun.

Then I saw this at Playing House and it just happened to be on a rainy day when we couldn't do the original outside activity I'd planned.

Out came the foam and scissors (for me and 6 yr.old) and paintbrushes and little cups of water for everyone. A couple old bath towels were placed on the floor in front of the window which turned out to be a good thing!

Big Brother and I cut out shapes and Toddler Girl painted on the window with her paintbrush and water. I think she would've been happy with just that as she really didn't do that much with the foam shapes. But Big Brother enjoyed making scenes and making elaborate foam drawings of shooting stars and Venus Fly traps. Seriously.
Sky, shooting star, Venus Fly Trap, grass

At any rate, this was definitely a hit and we'll be doing it again soon!