Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Crockpot Sweet Potatoes

I made a crockpot full of sweet potatoes to take to Sunday's fellowship.

This is something I take frequently. It's healthful and delicious plus easy and cost-effective!

Crockpot Sweet Potatoes

Idea adapted from here.

Wash the sweet potatoes and prick each one with a fork or knife. Wrap in foil--at home I skip this step but they do get kind of gooey and messy so when I take them to a potluck, I wrap them. Pile in crockpot and cook on high for around 6 hours.  Your crockpot may vary so try it once and see how it turns out!

Serve with butter. Some folks also like cinnamon, brown sugar, cinnamon-sugar and/or marshmallows. I'm boring and really like a plain buttered sweet potato with salt and pepper the best! But do what you like!

**I usually use smallish sweet potatoes like those in the 3 pound bags from Aldi. Or I cut larger ones in half so they are closer to single serving size and also go further than just a few big ones! **


Katie said...

Thanks for sharing ~ this sounds like a pretty simple dish to put together!
Healthy too!

Blessings to you~

Johnlyn said...

This is such a brilliant idea...I've kept in my reader so I don't forget about it!

Ann Minard said...

I love this thanks!