Thursday, April 19, 2012

Simple Toddler Activity: Clothespin Poke

Most of the activities I make for the resident toddlers are super easy and use supplies I already have. I especially like to incorporate recycled items and an activity gets bonus points if I can quickly assemble it while the toddler stands nearby waiting patiently.

Well, waiting anyways!

This activity fits all the criteria! I saw this in The Toddler's Busy Book and got an empty egg carton I had discarded that morning. Within 5 minutes, Toddler Girl had a new activity to play with!


  • Using scissors, poke a small hole in each section. Hole should be just big enough for the clothespins. 

  • Place a clothespin in each hole and let toddler push them in and take them out.

This activity teaches:

  • One to one correspondence--one clothespin for each hole.
  • Fine motor skills.
I was surprised how difficult this was at first. She had to work to get the clothespins in and out. But she hung in there and soon had it mastered! Toddler Girl (age 2) has really enjoyed doing this.

**As always, activities such as these should only be used with supervision. Clothespins could come apart posing a choking hazard or could hurt the child. Because of this, these types of activities are used primarily as "table time" activities around our house!**


Rhonda said...

This looks like a good activity for my 2 tots.

I read the saying on big girls shirt to my husband. He laughed out loud because it describes our granddaughter so well.
little bodies, big attitudes!

Nikki said...

I think my twins will enjoy this! Thanks Mary Ann!