Monday, May 02, 2011

What's Cooking In My Kitchen

Happy Monday and happy May!

A short and easy menu plan this week for two reasons: hoping to get lots of non-cooking stuff done this week and we're headed out to visit family over Mother's Day weekend!

*scrambled eggs with meat and /or veggies (5x)

*leftovers: turkey vegetable soup, rice with tomatoes and peppers, green beans
*leftover sweet potatoes, green salad with egg and cheese
*leftover swiss steak, rice, broccoli
*soup (from freezer), rice
*Lunch-on-the-go: roast chicken slices, dijon mustard, lentil and rice salad, string cheese, hard-boiled eggs, veggies, fruit, nuts, lots of water. (This includes snacks and enough for 2 meals- one on the way and one coming back.)

*leftover rotisserie chicken, sweet potatoes, green salad
*swiss steak, rice, broccoli
*Eat Away From Home: TBD
*Lentil and rice casserole (crockpot), green beans or whatever veggies are in fridge.

*yogurt with honey and pecans
*fruit smoothie
*celery, peanut butter
*fresh fruit


Katie said...

Never heard of swiss I want to eat it! Have a good week, Mary Ann!

Mary Ann said...

I've never made it either, but it sounded tasty! And a good use for cube steak that's in the freezer.:-)

Hope your week is great, too!