Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Trip To IKEA

The nearest IKEA is about an hour's drive from us and we hadn't been there since it's opening a little over a year ago.

On our way home from a family reunion from Florida last weekend we stopped in to see Andy's parents in Georgia. We had my parents with us and before long Andy's mom was showing my mom the IKEA kitchen in their mother-in-law suite.

My mom has been saving up to redo her kitchen for a long time now so she was very interested in the IKEA kitchens and their space-maximizing designs.

We decided that this was our time to visit IKEA! We were all so excited to tour this wonderful store that we'd heard so much about. In proper blogger fashion, my camera accompanied me so that I could preserve the memories as well as remember the things we saw that we really liked!

In no particular order, here are some of the items that caught my eye.

A cute teapot.

I loved the colors and patterns in this quilt.

Naturally, I was drawn to this red and white section of bedspreads.

Not crazy about the headboard, but I do like this bed.

Wouldn't this make an awesome sewing table? There are drawers on both sides and the leaf folds out to double the length of the table.

One of the dining room sets we admired.

Another set of table and chairs we liked. I like the charming curved detail on the chairs.

Cute little high chair.

One of the kitchens both Mom and I really liked.

Another kitchen we liked. Mom especially was fond of the farmhouse style of the cabinet doors here. We both love white kitchens!

Our Cherished Dog may have his own dining area but we all agreed he doesn't need this fancy dog couch!

We went mainly to look but I took a little cash along just in case. :-) We were impressed by the low prices on many of the items. I ended up purchasing some inexpensive cotton bedspreads to make into curtains for most of my house and some fabric to make things to sell. 

Hope you enjoyed the highlights of our trip to IKEA!


ikea coupons said...
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Rhonda said...

I keep reading about Ikea so I looked on their site to see where the closest one to me is, just 421 miles!

your pictures are really pretty and if I ever am close to an IKEA, then I will sure visit

gail said...

i'm itching to visit the IKEA in portland, probably this fall when #1 son is in school and i can take my time.

love that sewing table! will definitely look for that one. and that quilt looked like you =)

glad you had fun =)

Mary Ann said...


My parents want to visit the Portland store as well; it's only two hours from where they live. Definitely plan to spend time there. We spent four hours and didn't quite get to everything, but we did spend a considerable amount of time in the showroom looking at kitchens and trying the couches. :-) You can eat there too for very reasonable prices.

Mary Ann said...


I hope you can go sometime! Lots of fun stuff to see.

Thanks for commenting!

Serenity Now said...

Oh how I LOVE Ikea! I just don't like how you feel like a rat in a cage in that place...that's the only thing that bugs me.
We actually own the red and white bedspread - and the wood table! We must have similiar taste :)
Although we bought the table and 4 chairs for $99 about 5 years ago, I think it's gone up in price since then. Great deal.
Our nearest Ikea is 4 hours away - probably a good thing for a pocketbook!

Manuela@TPOH said...

I love IKEA and if I had to do my kitchen over again I would go with their stuff. We're actually going on Saturday to pick up some bar stools!


Denise said...

This looks like a great place to get decorating ideas, also a dangerous place. Not sure if we have any in my neck of the woods??

Ramble with Carole said...

I LOVE IKEA. I first heard of it when Melissa lived in Germany and kept going on about it. She bought several pieces of her furniture and home decor from there. So when we visited we of course went to IKEA and LOVED it. So when she moved to DC we found they had one. Joy of joy when they built one here in Charlotte. I don't go often, but when I do I have a great time. I have been looking at their kitchens too and we prepare to redo ours.