Monday, May 18, 2009

Menu Plan Monday and New Meal Rotation

My schedule has really changed lately and in trying to bring some kind of order and simplicity to my meal planning, I've written up a simple meal rotation for breakfast and supper that I will follow every week.

I've been following the breakfast schedule for several days and really like it! We had been eating a whole lot of cold cereal because of lack of planning ahead and this schedule should help with some of that.

Several years ago, I made up a supper meal schedule. I've mostly gotten away from it over the past few years except for "breakfast for supper" on Saturday nights. I've pretty well held to that and plan to continue to do so. I love to cook and try new recipes so this is a themed meal plan that still allows me lots of flexibility.

As always these plans are not set in stone. I will change these from day to day as it all falls into place.

Breakfast Rotation:
Sunday-yogurt/cottage cheese, fruit, toast

Monday-eggs, toast, fruit

Tuesday-grits/oatmeal, fruit

Wednesday-pancakes/waffles, smoothies

Thursday-eggs, toast, fruit

Friday-muffins/baked goods, smoothies

Saturday-cold cereal, fruit

Lunches- Leftovers or something very quick and easy.

Supper Rotation:Summer Edition(I'll tweak it accordingly for fall and winter.)

Sunday- whatever!(snack foods, salads, leftovers, etc.)

Monday-eat at church meeting most weeks(I usually take something for the meal but don't cook a whole meal on this night.)

Tuesday-stir fry/skillet dish/ casserole

Wednesday-quick and easy


Friday-picnic date night

Saturday-Breakfast for supper

Without further adieu, here's my supper meal plan for the week:

Sunday- cheese grits

Monday-church meeting(I'm taking leftover corn muffins and coleslaw from Sundays lunch.)

Tuesday- red beans and sausage with rice (Cook extra beans and rice to freeze.)

Wednesday- hot dogs, carrot sticks, grapes

Thursday- Rotisserie-style chicken(crockpot), mashed potatoes**, gravy, green beans

Friday-chicken salad sandwiches, tortilla chips, veggies, dessert

Saturday- pancakes, scrambled eggs

**denotes ready made freezer item

For more menu planning inspiration, visit Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday!


Leah C said...

I like the meal rotation! I started doing that for supper and it really helps! I need to get more disciplined and use it for breakfast too, so we don't eat as much cold cereal.

Contemplative Mom said...

Wow. I love the idea of a meal rotation! you make it look easy. Thanks for sharing; I'm inspired to try this for my family.