Thursday, June 26, 2008

Live-Blogging My Vacation

My husband teasingly asked me the other day if I was live-blogging my vacation.:-) Well, not really! But I will give some details about what we are up to this week.

This has been a very relaxing time to spend with my parents and brother. There is no special event going on this week; just a visit with my family.

Monday- I arrived in Oregon by plane in the early afternoon. Some of my mom's family took my grandma out for a belated birthday dinner. I was honored to be able to be along this time, since I am usually clear across the country in South Carolina! A number of family members were present so it was a good time to see them.

Tuesday-My mom is having a bake sale next week. She had cookie dough all mixed up and I baked the cookies for her. Peanut butter, chocolate chip, molasses, and snickerdoodles-27 dozen in all. When I lived at home, oh, 12 years ago or so, I baked all the cookies for bake sales, so she was happy to have me here again to help! We ran an errand or two in the afternoon and visited our old neighbor who is now in a nursing home. In the evening, I went to see my grandma again. My cousin, Esther and her 4 children were also there. Nice to see them as well.

Wednesday-I get really bored when away from home since I like to work and do things around my home. I asked Mom what I could do around her house. She finally agreed to let me clean out the china cabinet. I washed the glassware and the shelves and loaded it all back in. I helped with a few other odd jobs as well. Mom also instructed me in how to root and transplant different plants. I'm excited to try these tips out at home!

Thursday- We haven't done too much yet this morning. I think we're going to clean and organize the pantry. Also run some errands with my brother.

I'm enjoying my visit but miss my husband who is 3,000 miles away!

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Anonymous said...

Mary Ann,
I hope you are having a lovely time with your family!

Take care.