Thursday, May 15, 2008

So Much To Do...So Little Time Part 3

Well, I must say that since I've gotten a few small tasks completed I am much more motivated to continue. Like Amy, there are holes where my clutter has been!

This week I was able to accomplish:

1)Cleaning half of the storage shed. Yeah! We worked for about 2 hours on Saturday at this. I was able to move some things to the shed from the house and put them where they belonged. The next half of the shed will be a little more detailed as we need to sort through pre-marriage boxes of stuff that have just been stored. We need to go through them and toss stuff(or recycle) and then pack the remaining treasures in Rubbermaid-type boxes.

2)Two garbage bags of stuff donated to Goodwill. I've had these things sitting in the office for some time waiting. For tax purposes this year, I'm making a list of everything we donate. So after I went through everything and wrote it all down, off it went!

3)Working in the office: I got the computer desk cleaned and straightened. So much better! The bags for Goodwill were in here too, now they are gone, leaving extra space. I did some general straightening up plus moved some stuff to the storage shed. Just a few minutes each day has made such a difference already.

4)Cleaned out my closet. I finished changing out my winter clothes and replaced the closets and drawers with the summer clothes. I have 2 more bags to go to Goodwill now, but I'll wait until my husband goes through his clothes, since he will no doubt have something to donate as well.:-)I'm making a list of the few things I still need to round out my summer wardrobe plus starting to look for replacements for fall and winter.(My cool weather clothing was looking quite sad this year!)

It's beginning to look a lot more like my house again!

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Anonymous said...

Great job! Yay for you! (o: