Friday, July 27, 2007

Little Blessings

This afternoon, my husband and I went to look for a new belt for him. The one he is currently wearing is ripping and will not be usable much longer. He wears a hard-to-find size so after much searching at all the "cheaper" stores, our only alternative was to buy a $35 belt at Belks. We were not tickled about that price at all! Especially considering that his current belt is from Belks and has lasted only a year and a half!

Right before we left the house, I had the feeling that we should stop at Goodwill and check to see if they had anything. At first, I felt very foolish about this and thought I was just imagining. Our local Goodwill isn't known to be that great most of the time, so I don't make the trip that often.

But I couldn't shake the feeling that we should at least stop and check so we went over to Goodwill just in case. If they didn't have anything, then at least we would know that we had covered our bases.:-)

We walked in and went directly to the men's section. They had 2 (not one, but 2) belts in his size. One black and one brown. For 99 cents each!

Wow! We saved over $30 by shopping second-hand. I think my husband may finally be becoming a believer in the true savings of thrift store shopping. :-)

This is just another small example of how God cares and provides for us even in the small things. We are so thankful!


Anonymous said...

Oh this is so awesome! I have had those "feelings" too -- that have led me to something better, something less expensive, something unexpected! God is great like that!

My dh is a hard size too -- but he wears a uniform for work and doesn't go many places -- but when we DO have to buy him clothes, I know how hard to find they are! He is big AND tall!

Last Christmas I ordered him pajamas from a big and tall catalog and it was a fortune! never again!

Meredith said...

Isn't that amazing!

Ruthie said...

We have the same problem with Russell's size 11.5 shoes. Amazingly, I've found several great deals for him @ the thrift store. Recently he got a pair of new-looking Converse All Stars!! :)

Michelle Finsand-Peacock said...

That is wonderful! I love Goodwill. We simply can't afford to buy new clothes unless they are an incredible bargain. Fortunately I have had great blessings from our Goodwill. So glad you found those belts, God is good!

Wilma said...

I love Goodwill!! I have found new clothes with store tags attached for a lot less than the store price. Shopping on half off days really helps.

carrie said...

Yay--that is so great!

Shopping secondhand is such a win-win situation!

Glad you're enjoying lots of produce, too. We are also receiving an abundance of peppers and tomatoes. Unfortunately, my husband is allergic to tomatoes. It's fun to give some of them away, though!