Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Healthy Food-Homemade Granola and Healthy Food Changes

About this time last year, I was thinking a lot about making changes in our family's diet particularly from using refined flours and sugars to more whole grains and natural sweeteners. Looking back, I don't feel like I made that big of a dent in such a large goal. But then I got to thinking about the changes we have made in our eating and then I realized that a change such as this requires a lot of time and baby steps.

The changes we have made so far include:
  • Eating brown rice instead of white rice.
  • Using organic peanut butter instead of the very artificial over-sweet variety.
  • Incorporating more bean-based meals into our diet.
  • Gradually increasing the amount of whole wheat flour in my homemade bread.(I will be focusing more on this in the months to come!)
  • Making almost a complete change from regular refined pasta to whole-grain pasta. (The brands we have tried are surprisingly very tasty and more filling so we don't eat as much!)
  • Switching from margarine to real butter.
Wow! I didn't do so bad after all!

I have no plans of going completely 'crunchy" but I feel very strongly that God wants me to prepare as healthy of food as possible for my family. So far, I am focusing on doable changes that are financially and regionally possible.

This past week, I made some healthy granola that uses all natural products(no refined sugars). This recipe came from The Family Homestead. I made half of a batch to try it out and it makes a lot! In the future I will probably make a whole batch, especially if I have enough air-tight containers to keep it fresh. I was really concerned as to whether my husband would eat it as it doesn't have that nice sweet taste at first. I added raisins and some dried cranberries and I think that helped. But he loved it and so did I! So this will be the granola recipe that I will be using from now on...or until I find another that I like better.LOL!!!


Terri said...

We are thinking along the same lines, Mary Ann! Our family has made those exact same switches in our diet! I've been trying to switch to more whole foods in the past few months. We still have some convenience foods that we fall back on sometimes but overall, we've liked the switch. Keep up the excellent work!

Mary Ann said...

Thanks, Terri for the comment! We are still far from eating all healthy foods. I have a few convenience items that we still use sometimes, too. My rule for these changes is that my husband is ok with it and likes the foods that I am preparing and the changes I'm making. So far he has really liked the changes we've made!I'm glad we are both working on this!

Anonymous said...

The granola looks yummy!

I love butter more than margarine, but we do use marg.

My heart is always home said...

That looks delicious! A girl I use to work with would heat up her granola add a little milk and eat it as cereal. I never tried it that way, but it always smelled delightful when she ate it in the office.

We are trying to eat better, it is hard to change.

Mrs.B said...

We're trying to make changes too! It's hard for me because I learned to cook using convenience foods. I learned how to cook very few things from scratch.

PeanutMM said...

We have been working for a long time to make changes in our eating. We made a HUGE change 4 years ago when we first moved to Korea, but now that we are back in the States we are trying even harder to continue on the lines of healthier eating.

Speaking of being back in the States, we are in SC now and would love to get together. Have your hubby call my hubby at 578-4731 (Clark's dads house). We are only here a few days, but we hope we can meet up!!