Friday, July 14, 2006

My Favorites: Activity Books For Toddlers

I recently treated myself to some new books from Among them were these toddler activity books. I remembered these as some of my very favorite resources when I was teaching little ones,but never had my own copies.

The Toddlers Busy Book by Trish Kuffner has so many great ideas in it that are very suitable for using at home, since it is written for moms by a mom! My favorite part of this book is the lists of recyclable and relatively cheap items that are recommended to keep on hand.

Wonderplay by Fretta Reitzes and Beth Teitelman is also a great find. This book starts with activities for infants and moves on up to things to do with older preschoolers. I would recommend this book to those with young, young babies and toddlers in order to get enough out of it. I like this book for the plethora of new chants and rhymes! (You'd think that after several years of toddler care-giving, I wouldn't need any more chants and rhymes, but hey, we all need new ideas occasionally!)

Even though I have lots of ideas in my head from experience with little ones, its nice to have some great resources for those brain-dead days or just to bring to mind new ideas or things you haven't thought of lately.

So if you're a mom who needs new ideas or an in-home child care provider as I am, check out these books!


thehomespunheart said...

Hmmm, thanks for the tip! You know I'm always looking for things like this!

Mary Ann said...

I actually thought about you, Monica! Perfect for your little ones!:-)

Teri said...

Wow... thanks for posting these! I'm a mom to two teenagers, but keep my niece (just turned one) during the week... This is what I was looking for even thought I didn't know it!