Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Things I Love

In the last week or so, my sister Kathryn from Kathryn's Reliquary and Emma from Diary of a Young Wife have posted lists of things they love and enjoy. They have inspired me to form my own list. Like my sister, I love lists!

Things I Love:
-my quiet time with God every morning
-praise and worship music
-my sweet and loving husband
-productive early mornings
-playing in the dirt(gardening)
-the accomplishment of finishing a sewing project
-fabric stores
-yard sales and thrift stores
-classic children's books
-spending time with small children
-a clean house
-going on walks
-picnics(especially with my husband)
-scented candles
-the quilts my grandmas made for me
-the smell of clothes hung out to dry
-trying new recipes
-cooking a yummy meal using leftovers and bits of what I have on hand
-the smell of my house when I bake a special treat
-my Bosch mixer
-April Cornell stores
-trips to the library
-using pretty stationary and cards
-Mary Engelbreit's artwork
-inviting people over for a meal
-our cozy little cottage
-a well-stocked pantry and freezer
-old linens
-wearing clogs
-vintage items and decor
-Bath and Body Works sun-ripened raspberry scented products
-fun ceramic and pottery serving dishes and tableware
-drinking tea
-my church family

I don't know if this is a complete work or not. I'm sure something is missing.:-) What are your favorite things?


PeacefulLady said...

Hmm, good idea...
~being in nature
~using things from nature in decorating
~connecting w/God
~connecting with people at a deeper level
~baking bread
~singing along w/ worship songs
~laying on the trampoline,looking at the stars for hours
~looking at the clouds
~books and bookcases, the more the better!
~my computer time
~chocolate chips ;)
~our waterbed, so nice and toasty in the winter
~family discussions
~my dearhusband's hugs,the smell of his coffee
~can't forget! the backrubs dh gives me
~the sweet look of children sleeping...

i'd better quit!

Andy's Treasures said...

Things I love... Hmmm.... Ah yes! MY WIFE!!!!!