Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bread Baking

I baked several batches of bread this morning. I made 4 loaves whole wheat and 2 loaves of French bread. I love baking bread. I think it can be sort of a stress reliever or therapeutic, even though I don't feel stressed or in need of therapy at the moment. (Thought I would clarify that.:-) It also makes the house smell wonderful. That is probably a big reason why I like to bake- the house smells so homey and seems so cozy with the yummy smells wafting out of the kitchen. Anyways, the bread is now in the freezer waiting to be eaten. :-) That much bread should last us several weeks.
I do have a question for all of you bread bakers out there. Where do you get bread bags that are big enough for large homemade loaves? The gallon ziploc bags are too small and I would rather have plain bags that twist-tie. I know some Winn-Dixie stores used to carry them but mine here didn't have them and now they have gone out of business anyways. I did try to plastic wrap the loaves but found the wrap would still come loose and the bread would get all nasty. So for now I have resorted to reusing bread bags from the store. I don't normally wash and re-use bags; that is not one of my favorite frugal tips, but it does work for this until I can find something that works better. I also think that for giving bread away, the brand-new clear bread bags look much nicer.("What? You don't think the bread looks like hot dog buns? Can't imagine why it wouldn't!") :-)


Kathryn said...

Well, if I find some I will get you a box or two. The ones from Winn-Dixie were Arrow brand. I've been saving the store bought bread bags. I put the 5-lb bricks of cheese in the and throw a rubber band around it. I can save some for you if you want. You could wrap in plastic wrap and then put a recycled bag on the outside to double protect from freezer burn.

PeacefulLady said...

hmmm, I used to have the same problem finding the right shaped bags. Usually on the box they list the dimensions so if you come across a new brand you could look for that.

Last year we moved to Holmes Co. OH and I finally figured out that the local bulk food store has bread size bags.(I have to ask, they're not out to buy) So you might try a local bakery and ask if they sell bread bags. There is nothing like a good heavy weight bag. I recommend double bagging bread for the freezer.
And oh yes, I've had to use those store bread bags too!!

Mary Ann said...

Thanks for the ideas and advice. I will check some bakeries around town and see if they have any bags that they would sell. I also found some online, but I will try to find them locally before I order any.