Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Simplify Your Email: Unsubscribe

After reading this post, I made the decision to be diligent today to unsubscribe from any emails I receive that I never open to read.

These are anything from political newsletters, coupon sites, store specials, and sites that I've registered on in order to print a coupon. After a while the clutter adds up and I have mostly emails that I don't even read.

It only takes a minute and will simplify my life tremendously as I won't have to sort through stuff every time I open my email.

I also periodically go through my Google Reader subscription and unsubscribe from any blogs that I notice that I'm not reading anymore. It does happen.  Life changes or I come to the realization that a particular blog is no longer what I need.

So let's take a few minutes today to clean out those inboxes!


Wendi said...

I need to do this. I have so many email that I just delete. It is a huge pain when I open it and there are 100's.

Anonymous said...

This is good advice. What I can't stand is when I try to unsubscribe and it won't let me b/c I'm not logged in, which I can't do b/c I've forgotten the password b/c I never used it to begin with!

This is timely for me because I just joined a professional group yesterday that sends out several emails a day. I hope I can follow it all. I actually had to unsubscribe to FlyLady b/c I got overwhelmed by all the emails! :-)

gail said...

great advice! i should really do this. and i'm going to have to check out the show you highlighted in the other post =)