Friday, February 25, 2011

The Winter Adventures Of Cherished Dog

The Cherished Dog has really enjoyed the winter so far. The cooler weather always seems to have an invigorating effect on him. This is sometimes good and sometimes, not so good, depending on what he is doing and on our plans for that particular moment. 

Recorded for posterity, here are a few of his latest adventures. 

Yes, I Want A Cookie! 

Since Baby Girl is now eating some solid foods, occasionally I will give her a teething biscuit to gnaw on. The first time I gave her one, I asked her if she wanted a cookie and didn't realize what I'd said until I wondered why Rock was hovering so near. A cookie! Of course. He loves cookies. And now he not only likes his doggie treats but also Baby Girl's teething biscuits. Since he stalks her if she has a biscuit in her hand and also because she has a tendency to wave said biscuit in front of Rock's nose, I now only give them to her when she's sitting in the high chair. This does not deter Rock who knows that Baby Girl will eventually drop the cookie. So he lays behind the high chair and as soon as it hits the floor, he is there. 

It is wonderful to have such diligent household help. Not only does he sweep up crumbs, he also mops the floor while he's at it. 

I Love Treats! 

It is amazing what dogs will hear and understand.  One afternoon about a month ago, I was getting ready to make some Rice Krispy Treats. As usual, Rock was hanging out in the kitchen intently watching what I was doing. I naturally talk to whatever or whoever is around ( a habit formed from being around little ones so much, I'm sure!) and so I began to talk to him about what I was doing.  I began with a cheerful and chirpy "Do you want to help me make Rice Krispy treats?" while zipping around the kitchen gathering ingredients. Before long I noticed that he was eagerly zipping around behind me. So I repeated my question, not once thinking about what I was saying and each time wondering why he was so excited. Finally, my husband took notice and reminded me to think about what I was saying! Oh. Treat. No wonder he was so happy! 

Speaking of his dog treats, we recently opened a box of treats that he received from my sister's family  last Christmas. They are huge! At least 4 inches long. And The Cherished Dog thoroughly enjoys them!

Green Bean Machine

A friend who has a diabetic dog mentioned that his vet suggested frozen green beans as a good dog treat. Upon opening a bag of green beans recently, we thought we would try them out on Rock. He loves them. Who knew?!?

We do find it humorous that when eating a green bean, he usually holds it upright between his paws and licks it like a sucker.

Snow Dog 

We shot some video of Rock in the backyard during our January snow. Enjoy!


tea said...

Aww, I loved hearing about your Cherished Dog! Our girl is a lot like him, she loves her treats and the snow! It's so fun watching them run around and enjoy it, isn't it?! :)

Rhonda said...

awww, what a sweet puppy!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Our dog is quite familiar with certain words, too---like "bacon" and "Oreo"!