Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hand Towel Apron

Apparently, I am really into making aprons out of towels!

Andy's grandmother requested that I make her a towel apron for Christmas as hers are wearing out. I found this tutorial online and thought this was much cuter than some terrycloth towel aprons I've seen previously. I hope she likes it!

The fabric I used for the ruffle and ties is from a thrifted sheet.  Love the fabric! The "ruffle" turned out too thick to successfully gather it into a nice ruffle so after the second time of the thread breaking and my temper already being quite short (it was not a good day!), I made the decision to pleat it instead. I do like how it turned out this way, though. Using a bit lighter weight fabric would work better for the gathers.

The ties also turned out too short, but she is a lot skinnier than I am so it should work!

I liked modeling this apron so much that I might make myself one. The towel part would be really great for drying my hands while washing dishes.

And yes, this was a Christmas present and I just finished it. In February. We weren't planning to do gifts until January since we were planning to visit them in January but with my trip to Oregon and all, that never happened, so... Merry Valentine's Day to all!


Debbie J said...

I like this one and the one in the previous post alot. You make a great apron model, btw.

Mary Ann said...

Thanks Debbie. ;-)