Thursday, February 03, 2011

Reader Question: What Do You Do With Your Free Time?

 In response to a question in this postTea asked:

"What is your favorite thing to do for fun when you just have free time alone?"

Well... my answer will show you just how adventurous I really am, since one of my favorite things to do if I have free time is to take a nap!

Really. How boring am I? 

 I really enjoy a nice afternoon nap. I don't take them often these days but really enjoy them when I get a chance.  A Sunday afternoon nap is a lovely ritual!

I had a friend once who thought it was a waste of time to take a nap when there were so many other fun things to do.

It may very well have a lot to do with personality, lifestyle and energy levels, but I love naps.

If napping was a sport, I would be a champion!

If I still had free time after my nap, I'd probably spend it at the library or doing something creative.

Fun question!

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Rita said...

Because I work full time at an urban school I tend to just do the next thing and never stop. But when I retire and have an organized house I will be doing exactly as you do. It will be naps, library, and something creative. I'm excited about my future. I really wish the media would stop putting teachers down. It is so tiring to hear how rotten teachers are. In my building teachers work over time and evenings on a daily basis. Taking work home if there is a Dr. appointment etc. The corporations will lose these teachers coming up because they want them out. Then, what will become of our children who have so much need I would not even be able to explain it all here. Pray for teachers and pray for families. Some families are returning to church again. I'm seeing a very positive difference in those families. I love the children. It will be hard to leave.

Bevy said...

this was a fun question.

I would have to say that there are many a time when I agree that to take a nap would be a pure waste of time. ESPECIALLY if both of my little ones are napping at the same time.

There is so much to do, like where do I start?

But. Recently, I've been forced to slow down and I've been finding myself - napping. It's not so bad - afterall.